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ARK Club Fundraising Guidelines for Teachers and Schools

Fundraising for conservation means we have to think about not just 'how much' money we can raise; but 'how' we go about raising it.  This is important to ARK and to the organisations we are supporting. It also help to raise the environmental and social awareness of kids through participation in their ARK club.

This means being aware of the environmental impact of the activities undertaken by ARK clubs and the purchase and use of materials and supplies used by ARK clubs. 


The key question we ask all clubs to ask themselves in planning and undertaking fundraising activities is the following:

Are we using sustainable products that have been ethically sources and ensuring that we are not directly or indirectly causing harm to the environment, including animals?


For example, fundraising activities such as bake sales and school art auctions are fun and have a low impact on the environment.

Producing and selling merchanidse, such as T-shirts and caps, can involve materials that are not ethically produced and/or consume a lot of energy and resources. Wherever possible ARK clubs should consider ways to source ethically and sustainably sourced or recycled materials for their club activities.

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