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It all started during coronavirus lockdown in 2020 when Maya and Lucia decided they wanted to set up a kids club to help endangered and threatened species. On a Zoom call with their friends Julie, Lucie, Sheden, Omna, Claudia and Victor the Animal Rescue Kids Club was born. Other friends, Olivia, Mia, Maciek, Cassie, Sahana and Eli quickly joined and we decided to launch this website.


Together, we are from all around the world and we all care about the future of the planet and share a love of animals. Inspired by the fable of Noah and his Ark - a story that is told across cultures and religions and is known to kids around the world - we have come together to launch the Animal Rescue Kids (ARK) Club.


Our goal is to support the conservation of threatened and endangered species by fundraising through ARK clubs at schools all around the world.  We hope you join us!

About Us

"We need to learn to work with nature rather than against it"

Sir David Attenborough

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