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  • The ARK Klub Founders

Welcome to ARK

We are excited to be launching the Animal Rescue Kids Klub. Join us!

Hi everyone,

We are the founders of ARK and we are super excited that you have found our website and are interested in joining our global network of ARK clubs.

Together we can make a big difference to threatened and endangered species that really need our help.

We are from all over the world and we welcome new ARK clubs at schools everywhere. We are starting with ARK clubs at schools in Spain, France, the United Kingdom and China and through our friends and cousins we are hoping to have schools in Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Germany, USA and Canada!

We came up with this idea while we were stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown. So far we have a few ideas for our school ARK clubs to raise money in a way that does not hurt the environment or any animals:

* Making artwork of our favourite animals in art class (even our pets) and selling them to parents from our school. Julie drew this picture of Victor and Claudia's petty bunny called Kit!

* Baking cookies and cakes and selling them at school;

* Making and selling cool stickers for school notebooks;

* Making and selling ARK Club T-shirts with T-shirts that are eco-friendly.

We love to hear more ideas from you!

We hope to have some stories and photos to share with you once we start our club activities at our schools in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!


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